Monday, November 26, 2012

This is an old old quilt that I quilted.  The top I found in an estate sale and it was lying in the floor over behind a bed.  I can understand why it was there because it was nasty.  It had been stored in an outdoor shed or something because it was stained up and pretty nasty.  I did not was the top because it was so old I thought it would fall apart in the wash.  I quilted it before washing it so the quilting stitches might hold it together better.  After I got thru hemming the binding down, I felt like a needed a good delousing. 

I am happy to report that it cleaned up really well once I got home with it.

These two quilts belong Navy wife (Linda) from our message board.  I had them quilted and started hemming the binding down Wednesday night after I arrived at the Odenville retreat and finished them Thursday morning.  I had three sides finished on the green and pink one before I got there.  I am so sorry but I did not get a good picture of the pink and green one. This is the only picture I can find.
This wall hanging is my Round Robin from Our Circle of Friends retreat in Charlotte, NC in 2011.
The binding was hemmed down by my dear dear friend from the HGTV message board, Florida Farm Girl.  Thank you so very much Sue.  The binding on this quilt has at least 12 stitches per inch.  Sue also hemmed the binding down on this friendship quilt for me.

This quilt is a table topper size that was put together from several sizes of friendship blocks that I found in Aunt Deans stash after she died.  I am trying to get all the tops done that we found in her sewing room while we were cleaning out her house.
This is my row robin wall hanging  from our Circle of Friends retreat in Branson. My dear friend Kim (Seeing Stars) from HGTV message board sewed the binding down on it for me. 
I took 14 quilts to Odenville with me and everyone of the had the binding sewn on but not hemmed down.  By Saturday night all 14 of those quilts had the binding finished on them.  Thank you so much Kim, you will never know how much I appreciate all you guys helping me.
When school started in August I made a promise to myself that I would get all the quilts out of my sewing room that did not belong to me and I would quilt all the tops that I had made in the past and were just sitting there catching dust.

One such top was a top that my Big Sister sent me last Christmas in my Stocking on the HGTV Secret Sister Stocking Swap (SSSS). My big sister was Ely.  The top is made of Asian print nickels.
I just love the top.  I quilted it like you would a quilt as you go quilt and each vertical strip has a different quilting design in it.  It is that way because I could not make up my mind and just pick one.
The end results were fun.

These are two quilts that I made myself.  The first one is my jelly roll race quilt from our November 2011 retreat in Odenville, AL.  I quilted it about a month ago and my dear Friend Navy Wife from the HGTV message board sewed the binding down for me while we were at retreat in Odenville this November.  Thank you so much Linda for your help!. You will never know how much I appreciated it.
I have been bed ridden since Thanksgiving day, but I am determined to try to move through the pain today.  I am thinking maybe the pain in my back might be like a crick in your neck. I will have to work the pain out.  I am going to try to do that today.

Enough of that though!

I am getting ready to try to go to the post office. I am going to mail some quilts off to Jane Kiwi in New York.  She is our go to girl to get quilts to the people of Breezy Point.

These four quilts are quilts of Valor that was donated by a quilt guild in Alabama but were inappropriate to send to Quilts of Valor because they have juvenile prints in the quilts.