Monday, February 24, 2014


These little Debbie Mum snowmen are just too darn cute

I kept Charlie and Hunter from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon while Leigh Ann and Mikey went to Tunica to celebrate Mikey’s birthday.  I was so tired when I tried to go to bed I could not get comfortable enough to go to sleep.  This head cold is not helping either.

I thought I would cross stitch for a few minutes till I got sleepy.  The more I worked on this the more I forgot about time and waaaaalaaaaa!!! I finished the first one.  They are asnowbelle1 set of five.


Friday, February 21, 2014


Aunt Mavis’ string quilt


I finally got this bound.  This quilt is a quilt that was pieced by my Aunt Mavis. She came home with us one time after Christmas and stayed a few days and she and mom and I holed up in my sewing room and I cut strings while they sewed.  We had a wonderful time. 

She brought it back to me at the family reunion in July and wanted it quilted. She had her seams a little too small so I redid all the seams in it.

It is a little smaller than when she brought it but it is still a big quilt.mavisstring

She and mother both did the red fabric thru the center of the block and the strings on the side.  I want to do me one but I want brown centers and all blues on the side.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014




I wanted to hand quilt this but I would be 120 years young before I got thru with it.  I can not free motion on my quilting machine.  I also wanted to quilt this on the lines that was stamped on the quilt when it was made.

It is a king size quilt and has lots of quilting so I knew I was going to have a LOT of trouble trying to man handle this big thing in and around the 9 inch throat on my Bernina.

My solution.  It is sewn together in 5 sections.  I took the seams out and made it into three sections.  I did the left side first and then the middle section.  I now have those two sections quilted and put back together. 

All that is left is quilting the right side and connecting it to what I have already done.tut7

I hope to finish this quilt by the weekend.  I had to stop and bind a quilt that I am quilting for my aunt.  She has lived in South Florida all her life and last September she moved to North GA.  I think she is about to freeze so I am trying to get this to her. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014




This is another cross stitch piece I am working on. I am halfway thru it.  The piece already stitched is the bottom and it goes in the bottom of this little pink Whitman’s Sampler candy box.  I will stitch one more piece that is the same size with the same border and it will go in the top of the box.

I worked some more tonight on my Blizzard Belles by Lizzie Kate and quilted about half of a string quilt that my Aunt Mavis made.  Hope to get the quilt finished by tomorrow night and maybe another snowbelle by the weekend.  The Snow Belles are a set of five different snow women. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Thank you Marj for the quilt frames.  She loves them.  The quilt is so easy for her to turn when she gets a section of it quilted.


I told you all I had been busy in January.  I just hope I can complete some of these projects in Feb. Wish me luck.

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moms  quilt

This is a doll quilt that was appliqued by my mom.  She purchased the kit from The Quilt Shop at Burton MS or Ragman as he is so lovingly called.

All I did was sash it put the borders on it.  I did go out and set it up in the quilt frame for her at her house.  She is working on it by hand.  She will be 84 on Feb. 18th.

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photo (11)

This is one of my cross stitch projects that is in my basket by my chair.

It is The Blizzard Belles by Lizzie Kate. photo (13)

These are my Mill Hill snowflakes Christmas ornaments.  I have 14 of them stitched but still have 8 of them that needs beads put on them.  I love all the beaded cross stitch products but I don’t like the beading process.  Go Figure!!!!!sleigh

This is the sleigh from Nora Corbet’s Christmas Eve Couriers series.  There are 10 0f these designs.  I have this much done on the sleigh and I have rudolph finished all but the beading.  I have comet started but just have the border done. I will have to upload a picture of the progress on Rudolph and comet.

I am working on a cross stitch sewing box that is made out of one of the old pink Whitmans sampler candy tins.  I will try to get a picture of that downloaded. 

So I think I will get up in the morning and look in the yellow pages for me a shrink.  I have a “cant finish syndrome” that needs medical attention!!!!!!

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The T-shirt quilt was for a friend of mine at church.  She lost her husband some time back and wanted a quilt made from his shirts.  T-shirt quilts are not my favorite so Thank you WQFC for this challenge.  Without it I would have never got aroundtuit!!!!!!winter wonderland

This is another quilt top that I have in my sewing basket by my chair. I cut out all the blocks and traced the designs last week  with my light box.  I got all the muslin backing sewn on and I have done some of the embroidery.

The picture is not very good but it is a Crabtree Hill Design that I purchased in 2006.  I have three of these snowmen quilts going right now.  I know you must think I am crazy but I plan on giving them to my Daughter and two daughter-in-laws for Christmas this year. 

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photo (15)

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This is my January  quilt from Will Quilt for Chocolates UFO challenge from the HGTV message board.  This picture was taken before I finished the binding and it still has binding clips on it.  I finished it by the dead line day for the month of January.  That is why I started the second month early so I would not be so stressed out working on these.


merry merry s

This is my Merry Merry snowman quilt that I started last year with Quiltaholic as a sew along.  This pattern is a Bunny Hill design that several of us from the HGTV message board did together.  Needless to say, I fell behind. 

My new years plan is to finish some of these UFO’s before I start anything new.  I have a big problem with focusing so we shall see how that works out for me.

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aunt gladys

This is my treadle machine.  My aunt lived about 5 miles from the beach in Hollywood Florida and when I got this machine it was really gummy.  I started taking it apart and was going to clean it really good but realized it was over my head.  This afternoon I carried this machine to a man in Memphis for him to refurbish the machine, cabinet and legs.  I guees the salt water must have ruined the finish on it because someone had painted the legs and the cabinet red.  It was in really bad shape.  I am hoping my new friend in Memphis can work miracles and bring her back to life.

This is my Feb challenge from Will Quilt for Chocolate's 1 UFO per month challenge from the HGTV message board.
This quilt top was found at an estate sale a couple of year ago.  It is done in two colors of red thread.
I have not idea who cross stitched it but I fell in love with it the first time I ever saw it.  It is a King size quilt and I know it would take me several years to hand quilt it.  I can not free motion on my machine.......well I could but it would take years of practice because I can not walk and chew bubble gum at the same time so I know it would take YEARS of practice for me. 

This top was pieced in 5 panels.  I have taken it apart down to three panels.  I have one panel already sandwiched and quilted on my Bernina.  I am going to sandwich another section tomorrow after I get another quilt in my quilt frame.  While that quilt is quilting I will sandwich the second section of this one. 

I have until Feb 28th to get it done.  I need to get it done a little early and start working on one of the quilts that will come later in the challenge.  Because one of my quilts for this challenge is a hand quilted quilt. 
I need to get it quilted so I can get paid for it so I can spend the money on getting my Aunt Gladys' 1922 singer treadle machine refurbished.

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feb challengeThis is Feb challenge blocks for the snowmen.  Each month we are supposed to embroider two blocks and make 2 of the log cabin type blocks.  I made all 15 of my blocks at one time.  When I fetched this file from my pictures it was right side up.  I have no idea why it turns it sideways when it post here.

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I am going to try this again.  I am having the hardest time posting (14)

This is a picture of January’s part of my “I Believe in Snowmen” quilt challenge hosted by My friend Quiltaholic on the HGTV message board.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I have learned how to send pictures from my phone to my computer.  Hey don't laugh, that was a big deal for someone as computer illiterate as I am.   Now I am having trouble loading pictures.  I go to my files and choose the picture but when I try to add it there is a little loading circle that comes up and it never goes away. 

I promise I have some pictures for this blog!!!!