Tuesday, February 11, 2014




I wanted to hand quilt this but I would be 120 years young before I got thru with it.  I can not free motion on my quilting machine.  I also wanted to quilt this on the lines that was stamped on the quilt when it was made.

It is a king size quilt and has lots of quilting so I knew I was going to have a LOT of trouble trying to man handle this big thing in and around the 9 inch throat on my Bernina.

My solution.  It is sewn together in 5 sections.  I took the seams out and made it into three sections.  I did the left side first and then the middle section.  I now have those two sections quilted and put back together. 

All that is left is quilting the right side and connecting it to what I have already done.tut7

I hope to finish this quilt by the weekend.  I had to stop and bind a quilt that I am quilting for my aunt.  She has lived in South Florida all her life and last September she moved to North GA.  I think she is about to freeze so I am trying to get this to her. 

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