Friday, February 21, 2014


Aunt Mavis’ string quilt


I finally got this bound.  This quilt is a quilt that was pieced by my Aunt Mavis. She came home with us one time after Christmas and stayed a few days and she and mom and I holed up in my sewing room and I cut strings while they sewed.  We had a wonderful time. 

She brought it back to me at the family reunion in July and wanted it quilted. She had her seams a little too small so I redid all the seams in it.

It is a little smaller than when she brought it but it is still a big quilt.mavisstring

She and mother both did the red fabric thru the center of the block and the strings on the side.  I want to do me one but I want brown centers and all blues on the side.

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Sandy said...

It's beautiful! What a treasure having a quilt that your mother and aunt worked on with you. Good for you on getting it finished.