Sunday, December 15, 2013

My plans for this week is to put the finishing touches on my Christmas shopping and then make the two Shepherds Bush stockings that I have cross stitched for my two great grandchildren.  Wish me luck.  My mom has a few quilts she wants quilted for Christmas so If I have any time left, I will try to do what she wants done.  Wish me even greater luck!!!!!!!
I started last Monday morning and did nothing all week except quilt on this quilt.  I had 3 of the sides done but none of the middle where all the roses are.  I quilted all day everyday and Darling Husband cooked dinner for us each night.  A couple of nights I quilted until midnight.   My finger tips are all raw and the bottom of my feet are sore.  I guess it was the way I sat while I was quilting. 

Friday afternoon about two pm I took it off the quilt frame and went over it and trimmed all the loose threads off of it and I delivered it to its owner Saturday morning.  I am doing the happy dance still.

While I was working on this quilt for the last few years,  I would fold it up and put it away in a plastic bag and for the last few months I had it on the quilt frame in my sewing room.  Sometime while I had it in the bag a moth or bug of some kind had landed on it and got stored away with it.  When I took it out to work on it again, the bug has disintegrated on the quilt.  It left a spot on it that looked like dried blood just above one of the roses.  I tried every thing I knew to do to it and I could not get it out.

It will be a WHILE before I hand quilt another quilt.