Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time goes by sooooooo fast.  We came down to Bushnell to stay for three months while it is cold at home.  I miss my kids and I miss my grandkids so much.  This would be perfect if the kids were in and out like they are at home. 

I did not realize it had been so long since I posted in my blog.  I have got so much done while we have been down here but I have not made a dent in what I brought down here to work on.  I have finished several of my mill hill kits.  Every thing else that I brought down here is missing something that I need to work with. 

I will never come down here again without my sewing machine.  I can not wait to get home and clean up my sewing room and play in there for the next three months. 

I have a wedding to go to in April.
I have a family vacation planned for May.
I have close to 10 quilts that are still in my sewing room that needs working on and finishing.  I will spend April, May and June trying to finish them up and doing the finishing work on what I have stitched while I have been down here.

I will recap my stitching progress a little later after I take some pictures.
Quilts to finish when I get home.
I have two quilts for Aunt Mavis that her mother embroidered.  One is a heart block and the other is a rose quilt where all the roses are a different color.

I have three quilts for Jan Stewart that I have had for 5 or 6 years but she keeps telling me not to worry about them because she does not have the money to pay for them to be quilted.  I am going to do them just to get them out of my sewing room.

I have a row robin Halloween quilt that needs some beads put on one row and I will be finished with it.

I have a paper pieced red white and blue quilt that was done when I was on the HGTV message board swap.

I have two double sliced layer cake quilts done in batiks that I pieced for the camper that I want to quilt.

I have a Judy N Fire Island Hosta quilt that needs the outside border finished that I want o use in the camper.

I have a stamped cross stitched quilt that belongs to Jean Jacobs of Baldwyn that needs to be finished hand quilting.

I want a quilting machine with a stitch regulator on it where I can learn how to free motion quilt.
I want a Phoenix frame from sewing machines plus
I want to upgrade my pcquilter to a side saddle like Marj's.
I need a new heater/AC for my sewing room
My sewing room needs a major cleaning.