Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry I have not done anything else with my cross stitch swap.  I am going to wait until the first of the year when every thing slows down a bit before I get going on it. 

Update on the cross stitch books.  All of them have been mailed and taken.  After the first of the year, I will do some more cleaning and I will have some more stuff.

I finally got my mini quilt swap done and mailed it to tis me.  This is a picture of the one she sent me.  It is made with wools.  It is very pretty and I will hang it in my sewing room and cherish it forever.

This is the one I made for tisme.  It was a lot of fun and a challenge to make but you need to get on your galloping horse to look at it because there are mistakes in it.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I want to start a swap for cross stitchers.
All the projects need to be small.

Needle books
Scissor Fobs
Needle rolls
Pin cusions
Christmas ornaments

More ideas after I see if there is an interest and see how many people we have that might want to play along.
Iwould like to start this the first of the year.......  Would not want to start anything new before the first of the holidays.
Questions to answer to help me get the swap going.

Do you want me to pick out the project and everyone swap that particular thing?
Would you rather me give you a list and let you pick from the list and make whatever you want?
I have never hosted a swap so if any of you have any ideas just let me know.
The Just Cross Stitch magazine puts out a special edition of thier magazine about this time every year and it is nothing but Christmas ornaments.  This is a book full of cross stitch patterns from several disigners and gives you a lot to choose from.

More to come later, I have to walk my dog.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Cross Stitch

If anyone is interested in any of these cross stitch books, just let me know.  I have been cleaning out my stash and could live to be 200 and never get it all stitched.

The top three  are craftways "A Cross-Stitch Christmas"
top left is "From Hand and Heart"
middle one is "Holiday Memories"
right one is "Season of Joy"
They are all three hardback books that have never been used to cross stitch anything out of.

The second picture is on the left "100 Cross-Stitch Christmas Ornaments"
the one on the right is "Christmas Stockings in Cross-Stitch"

The third picture is not a cross stitch book.  It is a book from Better Homes and Gardens
"Santa Claus" 1999 Collection. It is full of colorful pictures of Santas used in home decor for the holidays and lots of holiday recipes.

These two are  "Holidays Remembered" from Leisure Arts and "All Through The House" by Leisure Arts.
There is one more in the middle that did not make it into the picture called "Timeless Ornaments"

Anyone interested in these, just let me know and I will get them to you.