Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry I have not done anything else with my cross stitch swap.  I am going to wait until the first of the year when every thing slows down a bit before I get going on it. 

Update on the cross stitch books.  All of them have been mailed and taken.  After the first of the year, I will do some more cleaning and I will have some more stuff.

I finally got my mini quilt swap done and mailed it to tis me.  This is a picture of the one she sent me.  It is made with wools.  It is very pretty and I will hang it in my sewing room and cherish it forever.

This is the one I made for tisme.  It was a lot of fun and a challenge to make but you need to get on your galloping horse to look at it because there are mistakes in it.
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Kathi said...

wow....I love both of these mini's! I need to check that thread out more!

bingo~bonnie said...

quote - "...but you need to get on your galloping horse to look at it ..."

lol reminds me of the first quilt class I ever took - our teacher said this many times... hadn't heard it since then :) I didn't see any mistakes only a beautiful colorful mini quilt! :)

I need to post about mine that I received.... it was gorgeous!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie