Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is a quilt I quilted this week for a friend of mine.  I used the new binding method that someone posted a link to a blog on the HgTV message board.  I think the blog was TLC  When I went there to view the tutorial I realized that some of the fabrics she used were the same ones that my friend used.

This piping binding is really easy. with just a small amount of practice it would look really good on both sides.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update on Emb Machine

This computer is loaded with EDSIII digitizing software.  You can scan in your designs or transfer them from a bitmap with a cross hairs mouse.  All the manuals and disc are here. There is also a Walter Florianni workbook to help you get a better grasp of all the punching tips and shorcuts.  The little shelf to the right is where I keep my thread and extra hoops.  The hoop in the front is a hoop for cap fronts.

I am asking $3500 for the complete set up.  It would be a perfect way to add additional income for someone.

This does not take up much room.  The two cabinets it sits on are kitchen type cabinets and they sit in the end of my utility room.  They come with the machine.  If I sale the machine I dont need the cabinets.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

more information

Here are the pictures of the mchine and computer

 this is the front view of the machine
This is the wide assortment of thread.  On the left front corner of the table is some designs that I have purchased. They are Christmas designs and some Red Hat lady designs.  The book underneath is a Dakota Collectibles design catalog.  The entire catalog is loaded on the computer.  You will need to back up these designs because I do not have the disc.
This machine is a work horse.  It has never given me any problems. 
If you are interested, please email me with any questions you may have.

I want to sale my embroidery machine.

I never use this anymore.  I know someone would get a lot of good out of it. I have taken good care of it.
My sister and I opened an embroidery shop in late 1996.  We started out with this machine and a Melco 4 head.  We used it quite a lot the first 3-4 years.  In 1999 I got out of the business we had together and brought the EPI home with me.  It has been rarely used since then.  I take it every other year to Columbus and have it serviced and cleaned. 

I am selling everything that goes with it. 

l.  auto font- a program that digitizes any font you have on your computer or on a disc. It is automatic and will have any font you want sew ready in just a few minutes.

2.  EdsIII.  program to sew your designs

3.  digitizing software-  this allows you to take any artwork you have and turn it into a sew ready design.

4. the computer which is designated to run only the EPI machine.

5.  All the manuals to go with running the machine and the software.

6.  A wide assortment of thread  Madiera, Isacord, Coats & Clark, and Robinson Anton.

7. One roll of cut away backing and one roll of cutaway backing.

EPI machine with built in bobbin winder.

Pictures are to follow.