Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet Miss Martha

She will be going with me to the retreat in November.  She will arrive tomorrow.
Magnolia Park Retreat is a beautiful, handicap friendly facility and is associated with the fine folks at the Red Rooster Retreat in Cullman, Alabama.

We are ideal for craft orientated groups such as quilters and scrap bookers, but we also cater to professional groups for conference meetings, church organizations, and other special events.

We can provide accommodations for up to 28 overnight guests.

Magnolia Park Retreat For overnight guests, we provide a spacious 700 sq. ft. apartment suite that includes two bedrooms, an oversized bathroom, and a full size coffee maker. All of our rooms, along with the entire facility are handicap friendly. In addition, each suite is personally decorated and includes quality bath linens and fine bedding. Each unit has central heating and air conditioning for personal comfort and a ceiling fan in each bedroom. All you will need to bring is your personal items.

All meals at Magnolia Park Retreat are prepared from scratch daily and include the freshest-seasonal ingredients available. Breakfast may include a variety of fresh baked breads, muffins, or homemade buttermilk biscuits. Each lunch and dinner will always include a fresh salad, homemade bread, and irresistible dessert; not to mention the meat and vegetables.

The dining room and work areas are in the Club House. The Club House features a covered drive through for easy unloading and loading of work materials in all weather. There is a primary large work area with vaulted ceilings along with several smaller work rooms. All rooms can be used for breakout groups or retreat related activities.

We are located east of Birmingham in Odenville, Alabama and feel sure you will love our new facility for your next event or group function.

We look forward to hosting your next event at Magnolia Park.

Magnolia Park Retreat

1275 Blair Farm Road

Odenville, Alabama 35120

Phone: (205) 563-2194


The dates for this is Nov 17 thru Nov 20, 2011.

$225.00 per person

9 meals are included Thursday night dinner through Sunday Brunch. She also keeps tea and coffee brewing the entire time and provides us with snacks and drinks.

All you need to bring is your machine, sewing projects change of clothes and toiletries. There is a hair dryer in each bathroom so you wont need a hair dryer.

She only has 28 beds so the sign ups are limited to that number unless you know someone you are willing to bunk with.

12 is the minimum so if we dont get 12 we will not do this.

They offer day rates that include 2 meals for $40.00 if you want to come for one day. If you will arrive early enough for the breakfast meal just let them know and add $10.00.

If you only want to come from Friday to Sunday The rate is $175.00.

Let the sign ups begin.

1. bunsie ME!!!!!

2. Quiltaholic

3. Shawkl

4. EKBuckeye

5. Florida Farm Girl

6. Muggo Muggo

7. Bluesnail???

8. Tisme???

9. TX wildflower

10. Navy wife

11. Mw8930

12. MayBaby

13. llcp48

14. Seeing Stars

15. Amiyoko09

16. Pandibear?

17. DD quilts

18. EBGQ

19. Rose Yuhas

20. IBsewin

21. Carmen

22. Shirley

23. Sue Morris

24. NICU nurse

25. Applebetty

Thursday will be arrival date. Thursday afternoon and evening will not be anything planned extra as this will be a time for getting acquainted with the new people and non board members.

Now, about name tags. First, lets keep this simple. Any method you want, quilted, embroidered, cross stitched, painted, drawn, whatever! Include your board name, given name, and where you're from. Please, big enough so us old folks can read them without staring at your bosoms all weekend! We all will have one vote, ballot box to appear on Saturday afternoon and be counted later that night. Prize awarded at breakfast Sunday


I am going to post information here for the retreat coming up in November.  We have tried to start a pm with everyone but we have run into problems getting everyone on there. I am not sure if I am computer saavy enough to do this but I will try.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonder if my stars are lined up well enough to win one of Dave's boxes from Quiltboxes

I just visited Quiltaholics blog and found a place to sign up for a chance to win one of Dave's beautiful boxes.

I love bags  and I love boxes.

I have been busy trying to finish a quilt for a friend of mine whose son has just returned from Afghanistan.
I have also been working on a quilt for Mikes cousin. She found the quilt top in her moms house while she and her brother and sisters were cleaning out the house after Aunt Jeffie died.

I will post some pictures as soon as Mike brings my camera home from work.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sewing Studio update

I painted my walls and ceiling all the same color when Mike fixed this building for me.  It looked like someone had been smoking in there with the room being a funky shade of yellow. Painting the ceiling white lightened it up a lot in there.
I had some closet maid cubicals on the back wall and had the whole wall covered up.  I used the cubicals in different ways and freed up the back wall for hanging quilts and some of my cross stitiching and mini quilts.
The first use I got from my cubicals is an ironing station. The cubicals on the wall behind the ironing station is for my stash.

The second piece I got from my cubicals is a cutting table. This idea I got from my dear friend Pam.
This freed up enough space for my design wall. It was two peices of 4X8 Tyvek which I had one on two walls.  Divided they were not big enough so I put them together.  I just nailed the tyvek to the wall with some large headed nails and cut my flannel big enough to cover it.  I then pinned my flannel on around the edges and tucked the raw edges down behind the tyvek with a putty spatula.

I left my sewing machine table in front of the window.

This 6 drawer storage thing with the tv on top is where I keep my thread to keep the sun from faiding it.
The other wire drawer storage is for my UFO's.  and the book shelf is for my books and magazines. Now all I need to do is go get the rest of my stash out of storage.  I have spent the last two days sewing in there so I already have it in a mess.   I want to make me some kind of drapery to go in front of my fabric stash so the sun will not fade it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Projects for February

January was gone in a flash and it is now the 15th of February and it seems like yesterday was Christmas eve.

I have been very busy trying to get some of the clutter out of my sewing studio.  I had accumulated so much stuff that I could not get anything done.

DH and I painted the walls and ceilings.  I had some closetmaid cubicals on the back wall for my fabric stash.  I wanted to do some stuff with some of my collection of BOW and WOB and when I took them down to cut them I had some gray streaks in them where the light had faded them while they were folded in the storage bins.  I also had no free walls in my studio and I wanted to make it more appealing to the eye when you walk in.  Before it looked like a cyclone had gone thru it and I spent more time looking for things to do with and never got anything done.

We took some of the cubicals down and screwed them together.  Then we put a top on them.  One section has become my cutting table/work table and the other section has become my ironing table/work table.

I have left 6 of my cubicals together for my stash.  I also purchased me some closet drawers to store my thread in because the light was also fading my thread. 
I will take some pictures tomorrow and post to show you what I have done so far.  I will try to find a picture of the room before.