Friday, February 18, 2011

Sewing Studio update

I painted my walls and ceiling all the same color when Mike fixed this building for me.  It looked like someone had been smoking in there with the room being a funky shade of yellow. Painting the ceiling white lightened it up a lot in there.
I had some closet maid cubicals on the back wall and had the whole wall covered up.  I used the cubicals in different ways and freed up the back wall for hanging quilts and some of my cross stitiching and mini quilts.
The first use I got from my cubicals is an ironing station. The cubicals on the wall behind the ironing station is for my stash.

The second piece I got from my cubicals is a cutting table. This idea I got from my dear friend Pam.
This freed up enough space for my design wall. It was two peices of 4X8 Tyvek which I had one on two walls.  Divided they were not big enough so I put them together.  I just nailed the tyvek to the wall with some large headed nails and cut my flannel big enough to cover it.  I then pinned my flannel on around the edges and tucked the raw edges down behind the tyvek with a putty spatula.

I left my sewing machine table in front of the window.

This 6 drawer storage thing with the tv on top is where I keep my thread to keep the sun from faiding it.
The other wire drawer storage is for my UFO's.  and the book shelf is for my books and magazines. Now all I need to do is go get the rest of my stash out of storage.  I have spent the last two days sewing in there so I already have it in a mess.   I want to make me some kind of drapery to go in front of my fabric stash so the sun will not fade it.


Calico Mermaid said...

Your room looks great! I love the way you used those cubes to support your tables.
Very cool.
Miss you!

Sherry said...

Nice studio!