Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is my grandson , Austin , and grand daughter Bailey.  This is their Jr prom pictures.  They will both be seniors this year.  The girl belongs to my oldest son and the boy belongs to my Second son.


This is a quilt that I quilted for my mom. Someone gave her the four inch squares.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilt was won by Brittany

Each year for our family reunion I make some kind of friendship block.  Everybody that attends the family reunion gets to sign the inside of the block and we put the birhdays under their name.  Then after dinner we put all the blocks in a bag and draw a block.  Whoever's name is drawn wins the quilt.

Brittany is the new wife of my cousins  that had only been the family for a few months.  She requested a wall hanging so I did not sash it and only put a small border on it. I put a sleeve on the back to hang it.

My cousin called me a few days before the reunion this year and told me that at 7 pm after the reunion his daughter was getting married.  I know "You know your a redneck if you get married at a family reunion!
Well his new son in law to be won this one.  I will put it together and present to the winner next year at
the family reunion.

This Blogging is for young folks!

The more I try to learn about this blogging the more I find there is to learn.  I have learned that free does not always mean free. 
I have got to stop bloggin now long enough to get some quilts finished.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Really Messed Up Last Night!!!

I found out how to download music and add it to my blog. But when I tried to come to my blog my computer would not open any internet explorer windows.  I went to windows explorer and found that I had no more room on my hard drive in my laptop.  I proceeded to look to see what was taking up so much room that I could get rid of.  I got jump drives and put all my saved stuff on them and freed up some room.
I finally realized that the music place I had downloaded had taken up all my room.  I tried to uninstall it and I kept getting a popup block that told me I had to have permission to uninstall it for me to call them. 

That did not work.  I called iYogi my tech support at 11:00 pm.  That was a mistake.  I did not get off the phone until 5 am.  I got rid of a lot of stuff on my computer and the music place download but he also did away with all my passwords.  I had to add passwords all day today to be able to get back on the sites I normally visit.  What a day.

I joined a water aerobics class in town that meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 till 11:30.
I did not wear any sunscreen on my face and now I have fever blisters all over my top lip.  But I lost 4 pounds last week. 

Boy did I Mess up!

I worked half the night to find out how to make my blog have music.  To no avail.
I got up fresh this morning and managed to figure it out.  I downloaded what music I wanted and when I came over here to add it to my blog  my computer crashed.  I spent all day working on it and it took me two hours just to defragment my laptop.  Someone had set the preferences to NEVER where it ask when is the next scheduled defrag.   Boy these technologolocal thingamajigs just drive me crazy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Since I have posted my blog I feel like I should unpost it or dress it up a bit.  I am learning so bear with me.
In the next few days I will be adding new things to it so come back to see me.  Please leave a comment so I will know you were here.  If you have any helpful hints on blogging. please leave those too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

COF Retreat Portland, Oregon

Just returned from retreat and already anxiously awaiting sign ups for 2011 retreat in Charlotte, NC.
We had such a wonderful time. I met some really wonderful people and brought home some fabric from Fabric Depot. I was very good and did not go overboard. I knew it all had to fit in suitcase to come home.

Saturday trip to Sisters was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The quilts, town and people were all a sight to see. If you dont go to see this you are missing chance of a lifetime. The bus ride home was memorable thanks to the a/c not working on the bus.

Let me warn you now. If the a/c is not working properly on the bus then it does not cool the collection tank under the potty. I was so hot at sisters all day that I drank a gallon of water or more. On the bus on the way home I had to go really bad. We were on that winding down hill road out of the mountain and I kept thinking that at any moment we would round the curve and see the rest stop. Welll I couldnt wait. Pandibear said something to me on the way to the back of the bus but I had tunnell vision to the bathroom door and praying I would make it.

When I opened the door it was hot in there. I thought well it is because the a/c is not working properly. I was wrong. When I set down it was like MT SAINT HELEN! I got up really fast.
Hence my new board name "WARM BUNS ARISING". Have you ever tried standing up and holding on to keep from falling while you are using the bathroom. Quiltzilla and I had been talkig about California earthquakes before I went back there. She told me I would know what an earthquake felt like when I got in there. SHE WAS RIGHT! I finally got thru with my business and then the hard part. I tried to get my pants back up but we were on such a curvy road and I had no idea which way we were going next. I was falling into the wall and into the sink. I would hold on with one hand and pull on my pants with the other. One side would come up but the other side would not. I needed another hand! I am glad no one was in there with a video camera. I finally spread my feet apart as far as they would go and laid my face against the wall in front of me and braced myself. I quickly used two hand to get put back together and got out of there.

It was so hot in there that it felt like I had been in a sauna. Have you ever had a facial? They take the exfoliant, which feels like it has sand in it and scrub your face with it. Then they wrap hot towels around your face. When they take that off your face is burning and tingling. Then they put that moisturizer on there and you go AAAHHHHHHH! It feels so good. Well sitting down on that toilet was like a facial with out the moisturizer!

Note to self: Do not use the potty on the bus if the a/c is not working and if you are on a mountainous curvy road.