Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilt was won by Brittany

Each year for our family reunion I make some kind of friendship block.  Everybody that attends the family reunion gets to sign the inside of the block and we put the birhdays under their name.  Then after dinner we put all the blocks in a bag and draw a block.  Whoever's name is drawn wins the quilt.

Brittany is the new wife of my cousins  that had only been the family for a few months.  She requested a wall hanging so I did not sash it and only put a small border on it. I put a sleeve on the back to hang it.

My cousin called me a few days before the reunion this year and told me that at 7 pm after the reunion his daughter was getting married.  I know "You know your a redneck if you get married at a family reunion!
Well his new son in law to be won this one.  I will put it together and present to the winner next year at
the family reunion.

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