Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The rose quilt is not done, the doll squares are not done but the bird quilt for the lady in Peru is finished.  Summers here are so chaotic.  Camping, fishing, boating, swimming, grand kids playing ball, soccer, grand kids having allergic reactions to God knows what, etc, etc.  It seems that yesterday was the last day of school and ready for the summer and today is registration for the new year.  Time needs to slow down just a tad.  It was time that needed to slow, not my old tired body. 

I have not got a whole lot done in my sewing room this summer but I hope that changes.  I started to quilt a quilt for a friend of mine and when I got ready to start to put it on the frame I ran into a snag.
Her mitered corners were not done right and the ends of her quilt was about four inches shorter than the width of the quilt in the middle.  I am in the process of straightening out the quilt now. So I hope this propels me into the itch to stitch again.

I hope to post a pic in a few days.

Mr Burton is flying out Friday to visit with his brother in Miami for the weekend so I plan on hibernating in my sewing room all weekend. 

Darling grandson was waiting in line to get to the bathroom at daycare.  He had to go really bad and was jumping up and down.  He jumped up and hit his head on the bottom of the upper cabinet in the kitchen and split his head open.  No swimming, riding bicycle or any other rough housing for a week.