Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I promised pictures of my windows for my vintage camper.  This is the before picture.
this is the after
Now to spend a little time on them with some aluminum polish and I think they will look like old old windows that have been cleaned and polished to try to make them look new again!!!!!!
Well, it has been a really busy week.  I have never liked camping.  I only tried it twice and I don't know what it is about me and a tent set up under a shade tree on a river bank and thunders storms.
Both times I ever camped in a tent, just about bed time it always seemed to come up a storm and thunder and lighten like crazy......not to mention raining so hard you would think you were going to be washed out into the river.  After the second "tenting out" episode I made myself a promise.  I said "Self if you ever get home, you will never go camping again" That was about 35 years ago. This promise came after a night of camping, storming, squirrels eating all our food, and the truck breaking down in 110 degrees heat on the way home with two rambunctious boys age 5 and 7.

Darling Husband started in a year or so back wanting to buy a camper. Are you kidding me? You are 6ft 4in over 250 lbs and those campers are small.  It would be like stuffing an elephant into a fiat. I am not "Twiggy" either.  I kept telling him he would not like camping, but in reality it was really me that did not want to go there again. I finally broke down and said yes after numerous trips to look at campers.  He finally wore me down and in the spring time this year we found a really nice clean used camper and began our summer on the lakes.  We camped close to home because we did not know how to work the stove. We knew that if something went wrong we could just lock the door and be home in a few minutes. We have had a wonderful summer and learned a lot of helpful hints about the ins and outs of camping.  We broke down this week and purchased our first new camper.  We wanted something a little bigger because DH is retiring soon and we wanted something big enough to spend more time in.  We have been truly blessed by the Good Weathers Gods this summer also.  We have had one weekend where it was really hot.  The rest of the summer the weather was beautiful each time we camped.

I did not get to work on Betsy this week.  I have been busy cleaning up the old camper to get it ready to sell.  I have been cleaning out a flower bed because we are going to have to use up the space to build a shed for the new camper. I have been trying to catch up on some quilting. I have also been trying to get the outside plants cut back and covered up because it is beginning to get cool here at night and you never know when the first frost might fall and kill my banana bushes.   I have worked some on getting the pool closed down for the winter.

I did finish a quilt today for a lady from Aberdeen.  I did an all over stipple or meander pattern on it in a beige thread so none of the quilting actually shows up on it.  It was quite colorful and must have been a lot of work.  I did some leaf patterns in the borders and she is going to bind it.  I hope to put another one on the frame in the morning.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I worked for a couple of hours this morning on removing the paint off my window frames.  It says to not use the paint remover if it is above 85 degrees.  I only got to work on it until about 10:00 am. It got hot out there fast.  I got the top layer off.  I will get the second layer off early in the morning.  I got all the old Butty Putty off the back of the windows. That is the gooey stuff that goes around any place on the camper where water could possibly seep in.  (seams, windows etc)  All the windows have little flaps on the frames at the top that keep the water from dripping inside the window.  Those were all stiff and every time I tried to pick them up to clean under them they were brittle and would break.  I hope I can find some of it to replace it. 

I put paint remover on one of my windows and I would let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with the pressure washer.  I was pressure washing one of the windows and lost my balance and stepped right in the middle of the window.  I will also have to find a new pain for that.  It is a thousand wonders it did not cut my feet when I stepped on it because I was bare footed.  I think the windows are going to clean up really nicely. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Well, I am still on the lookout for a vintage camper that has a decent interior.  In the mean time I am spending my time still working on the shell of one that I already have.  I spent a little time this week working on the windows.  The person that had it before me painted it green to use in the woods for a deer hunting cabin and the person before that painted it red.  They did not bother to tape off the chrome around the windows when they painted it either.  The window frames has red and green paint spray all over them.  I have already cleaned all the glass now I am working on taking the paint off the frames.  I have two done and 5 more to go.  My grand daughters significant other is going to do some repair welding to the frame for me when he gets through with a building that he is welding on now.
My camera is in the camper and the awning is down really low on the side so I can not open the door.
When the awning dries out and I can get the camper door open I will take some before and after pictures to show.

I will start removing the paint from the sides when I finish the window.  I will keep doing this until the weather cools off a little.  By the time I get the paint off of everything and my welder gets thru with the frame, it should be cool enough to start from the floor up and rebuild back to the way I found it.  It is just too dang hot outside right now to do that kind of work.