Friday, September 6, 2013

Well, I am still on the lookout for a vintage camper that has a decent interior.  In the mean time I am spending my time still working on the shell of one that I already have.  I spent a little time this week working on the windows.  The person that had it before me painted it green to use in the woods for a deer hunting cabin and the person before that painted it red.  They did not bother to tape off the chrome around the windows when they painted it either.  The window frames has red and green paint spray all over them.  I have already cleaned all the glass now I am working on taking the paint off the frames.  I have two done and 5 more to go.  My grand daughters significant other is going to do some repair welding to the frame for me when he gets through with a building that he is welding on now.
My camera is in the camper and the awning is down really low on the side so I can not open the door.
When the awning dries out and I can get the camper door open I will take some before and after pictures to show.

I will start removing the paint from the sides when I finish the window.  I will keep doing this until the weather cools off a little.  By the time I get the paint off of everything and my welder gets thru with the frame, it should be cool enough to start from the floor up and rebuild back to the way I found it.  It is just too dang hot outside right now to do that kind of work.   

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