Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is a quilt that I have been hand quilting on for almost two years now.  I want to get done with it so badly.  I have a dear friend from Collierville who brought me this quilt frame this week end.  I had one almost like it but to tighten the quilt on the frame you had to use lock nuts on the end of the frame.  The qrip in my hands is going so it would not stay tight.  This frame is really easy to use.  The quilt stays tight by some wooden cogs on the end.  All you have to do is just turn the quilt.  Thank you so much Marj. 
This is UFO #2.
Good morning! I am working on a quilt for a lady that lives in Ripley this morning.  I need to get it done because I think she is coming home from Peru this week.  She left this quilt with me last November and being the procrastinator that I am,,,,,, Wala!!!!!!!!  I have had this quilt in the quilt frame several times and it has been Frogged several times.  She wants vines quilted on it but she does not want me to quilt over the birds.  Not An Easy Task!!!!!

This is the first of several UFO's that is on my "to do" table.  Several (over5) years ago I took my Mom and two Aunts to Paducah to see the quilt Museum.  While there, of course, we shopped.  My mom purchased an embroidery pack of Southern Belle dolls to embroider.  When we got home she started on them and after a few days decided she must have been off her rocker to think she wanted to spend that much time on them.  We decided to embroider just parts of them and just applique the big parts.  So we fused the big parts down and machine blanket stitched around them.  For a finishing touch she wanted me to put ribbons on them in the places where the ribbons were hanging from the Belle's umbrella.  After several (over 5) years I have three of them done.  This is another project that I have started them, did not like what I saw, and "frogged" them also.  While in Odenville this past week, a dear friend shared with me her crazy quilting skills so I came home and sat down and tried her methods and I liked it.  Maybe in a few days I will have them done.  I did three yesterday. If I do three per day for 8 days I will have them done!  Ya'll root for me!!!!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

I don't post here often. I am going to use my blog for the next few months to get some accountability for all the works in progress that I need to finish.  The list is overwhelming.  I want all the projects that do not belong to me to be finished and out of my sewing room. I am about to make me a spreadsheet and take pictures of all my UFOs.  If I finish one of these a week till the end of the year, I might be able to be free to work on projects that I want to do for myself.