Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I want to sale my embroidery machine.

I never use this anymore.  I know someone would get a lot of good out of it. I have taken good care of it.
My sister and I opened an embroidery shop in late 1996.  We started out with this machine and a Melco 4 head.  We used it quite a lot the first 3-4 years.  In 1999 I got out of the business we had together and brought the EPI home with me.  It has been rarely used since then.  I take it every other year to Columbus and have it serviced and cleaned. 

I am selling everything that goes with it. 

l.  auto font- a program that digitizes any font you have on your computer or on a disc. It is automatic and will have any font you want sew ready in just a few minutes.

2.  EdsIII.  program to sew your designs

3.  digitizing software-  this allows you to take any artwork you have and turn it into a sew ready design.

4. the computer which is designated to run only the EPI machine.

5.  All the manuals to go with running the machine and the software.

6.  A wide assortment of thread  Madiera, Isacord, Coats & Clark, and Robinson Anton.

7. One roll of cut away backing and one roll of cutaway backing.

EPI machine with built in bobbin winder.

Pictures are to follow.

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