Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have a house guest.

I have a house guest staying with me and I am going to really have to do some praying for her. 
It is Nickilee's Garden Angel and I am sorry to say she is a wild and crazy slut!!!!!.  She had a date this weekend with none other than Elvis.  Even with a chaperone she was all over him.  Pictures and details to come later.  Right now I am exhausted and I am going to bed.  Keeping her out of jail was a full time job for me.  When it comes to Elvis, this girls showed no scrupples or restraints. 

Be sure to check back later for more details and pictures.

Warm buns.

1 comment:

Jayardi said...

• • • Does Nicki know you are tainting Ms Garden Angel's reputation? You better be careful, or there could be consequences. : )