Sunday, September 5, 2010


I have been on a journey since July 14th. {i hate the word diet so I call it a journey} I have lost 21 pounds and still have quite a few more pounds to go.  Wish me luck!!! I used to say I wanted to make my husband proud of me again for our 40th wedding anniversay.  I dont say that anymore.  I JUST WANT TO BE PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear husband on Sept.4, 2010.  He is eligable for Social Security.  I can not believe I am married to someone that is 62!!!

We left Friday and went to Foxworth, Ms to spend the night with Mikes brother and his wife, Micky and Janet.  When Mickey got off work Sat. at noon we left and went to Ocean Springs, Ms.  We ate at a place in Van Cleave called The Shed.  It lived up to its name.  It looked like my sons  little barn in his back yard only this place had started out as a take out place and they had added on  several times to make it into a
place to sit down and eat.   Gooooooood food.  Wild and crazy atmosphere.  After dinner we found a sports bar and watched the end of the crazy end of the Ole Miss non game.  We then stayed to watch the MS STATE game.  We got up this morning and headed home as we have painters coming in the morning to paint the interior of our house before Thanksgiving.

Uncle Mickey will be at our house for Thanksgiving and it will be his 60th birthday on the 26th of November.  Our Thanksgiving dinner will probably turn into a birthday party for him. 

Now to get home to find out how much damage I have done to my 21 pound weight loss!!!

I did get a lot of work done on my mini quilt due in November.  It is for an HGTV board member so I wont be able to post pictures of it until after she receives it.

I did just finish quilting a quilt for Quiltaholic for her Ronald McDonald House raffle. I hope I win it.
I will have to post a picture when I get home.


shey.. said...

wtg linda on your wieght loss!!.. good for you!!... i'm on a bit of a "journey" myself!.. it's always nice to see someone who's doing well at it!...


Briarside Lane said...

Was wondering how you were getting along. Just don't over do it!! Take good care, Karen