Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We have had a terrible heat wave since the first of August.  On the school bus every afternoon it has been averaging about 115 degrees with the heat index.  The steering wheel just sticks to my hands and takes a while to get the black off my hands after I run the bus route.

This morning I came home and it was 80 degrees and cloudy and just barely sprinkling rain.  I thought I would walk outside since we had a break in the heat.  It was really nice.  I walked and walked and when I got 2 miles up the road I turned around and came back.  The reason I turned around is the clouds rolled in and the bottom fell out of the sky.  I was drenched.  It felt pretty good except the water on my glasses bothered me.  I took theme off and hung them on the top of my T-shirt.   By the time I got back to my driveway it had quit raining so I walked the half mile down the other way from the house to the main road.  I walked back the half mile and went around the back of the house.  We live in the country and during the day everyone within eye range of me is at work except mom.  So I took my wet clothes off on the back porch and came in and got dried and dressed.  I was going to get on the internet and see if it was going to rain on me on the evening bus route.  Wait, I need my glasses.  Ok they are hanging on my shirt.  I went out on the patio and no glasses. 

I can not see how to do anything except long range stuff. Here I go again walking up and down the road looking for my glasses.  It took me an hour and a half to walk it the first time and it took me 3 hours to walk it the second time.   Still no glasses.   I called the doctor and asked about getting more glasses.  If I got there by 5 I could get another pair by Friday.  Oh no I can not even go the the bathroom without my glasses.

I ran my bus route and Mike called me.  I found your glasses.  Where?  On the mat on the back porch.
Every time I would go to the door to check my wet shirt, I would open the door and the glasses would be behind the door.  That saved me a bunch of money.    Plus I walked 10 miles today.  I am so tired that supper is going to be something easy.

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Sherry said...

LOL I am in big trouble if I lose my contact lenses!!! Or since I'm mono-vision...the right one. I would have to hire a chauffeur!

And, no thank! I'll stick with the chocolate!!! Just to be a coupla years younger? No way is it worth it!! ;o)