Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yard sale find

This is my yard sale find for this morning.  I had to run to town and I run across a convenient yard sale.
I went in and it looked like a bunch of junk.  I asked the lady if she sewed because she had a huge box of clothing patterns.  She said no her son worked for Hancock fabrics and when he was supposed to throw away the outdated patterns he would hoard them.  I said oh   ok I was looking for buttons, lace, broken jewelry and that sort of thing for CQing.  She said well I have this mini sewing machine.  Oh cute, how much.  $1.00.  Oh ok.  It has never been out of the box.

A friend of mine has bought a quilt store and I went to check it out and look what I came home with.
Now when Darling Husband ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas I can say more cutting molds or whatever you call them.  It came with a 6 inch block, a two inch block and some small half square triangles.


Ruby said...

Great yale sale find! The cutter seems to be all the rage right now. Cool.

Briarside Lane said...

What a cute little machine! And way to GO... let me know how you like it! ...Karen