Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will I ever have another leisure day?

I am exhausted.  I have spent the last month taking down all the pictures off the walls storing away all the decor in my house.  We had all the interior of the house painted except two bedrooms.  We had all the ceilings, walls, and trim painted.  I would have a lots rather move than all that.

Now I get to dust and clean off everything as  I put it back where it belongs.  I have a list a mile long to go on free cycle of things that no longer match the new colors.  None of my curtains work anymore.  I have to make new drapes and new quilt for my bed. 

We spent 4 long days watching tv and living in the spare bedroom because all the furniture was covered up in the rest of the house.  I have spent the last three days cleaning and putting everything back where it belongs.
Mike has spent the last two days buying paint and repainting places that the painters missed.  You would think that if you paid someone to paint your house it would be painted.  It does not always work that way.
If I half ass done something like that for someone else, it would ruin my reputation and I would starve.  I guess I did not do my home work and check her out good enough.  LESSONS LEARNED!!!!!!

Darling husband bought me a new car Friday.  I love it.  I have been driving a pick up truck since my daughter got married in 1997.  It is a mocha metalic (taupe) colored Chevrolet Equinox.  It has all the bells and whistles on it.  Almost too fancy for me.

Tomorrow I am doing the blood work and preregistering for surgery on my knee Thursday.  I should be incapacitated for a few days this weekend.  I have had this done before and as I remember it was painful for a few days.  I was a lot younger then than I am now.

My journey has hit a brick wall since I have not been able to walk and exercise.  I hope by this time next week I can start back walking.  I have lost 21 pounds and I have hit a brick wall.  Hopefully things will get back on track shortly after my knee surgery.

I will try to post pictures of the new car and new house colors this week. 
We had a birthday party Sat at the new fire station for John Paul and Ruth Ann.  The kids young and old had a very good time.  I will try to post some pictures of that also.   I will do it Friday while I can not get around very well.

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bingo~bonnie said...

Congrats on your new wheels!! After your knee surgery you really will be movin and grovin :)

Good luck with the surgery - my MIL had it done a couple years back and it did a world of good for her! She wondered why she didn't do it sooner.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie