Friday, September 17, 2010

Nikki's garden angel

My guest arrived just in time to help me recover from knee surgery.  We will be fine in a few days. We just had a simple scope done to do some minor repair.  It turns out that most of my knee pain is from arthritis.

Ms Garden Angel is watching over me and keeping me company.  We have been laying here discussing how unfair it is for me not to be able to drive for a few days and we have so many places we want to go, Not to mention the brand new Chevrolet Equinox darling hubby bought me last Friday.  Bummer.  We have a lot planned and we will celebrate the first of the week when I can drive again.

I should have had this done this summer and it would be over with.  It is just an old football injury that I was putting off because I dreaded it so much.  I have been on a diet since the middle of JUly and the more I walked the more it hurt.  I lose weight better if I exercise and watch what I eat.  If I just watch what I eat it does not come off as good. 

Now as soon as Ms Garden Angel and I are ready to travel again we are going on a mission to find Elvis.  We know he is not gone and is most likely hanging out somewhere in town.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!! That's phenomenal. I'm trying, I'm trying.......