Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I can not believe it has been so long since I have posted on here.

I have stepped off into a new forum for me.  Charitable quilts!!!!  Not really charity or at least I dont feel that way about these quilts.  It is more like Paying forward or paying a debt that is is owed by all of us who can enjoy all of our numerous freedoms.

I have started working on Quilts of Valor.
I was asked to come spend the weekend in Odenville Alabama at the Magnolia Park Retreat Center.
Several of my friends from the HGTV message board gone there several times in the past and spent weekends doing what we love the most. Quilting.  Ms Elizabeth Matthews is the owner of the retreat Center and she and her daughter Kristie and friend Samantha take very good care of all of us.  We have a wonderful time.  Last weekend a group of ladies came together for the weekend and sewed Quilts of Valor for our veterans. 

When I arrived I asked if there was anything specific she wanted me to do or should I just work on the things that I had brought over with me.  She asked me if I would do a project for her.

Last November she and Kristie wnt to a formal awards ceremony to honor the Veterans of the year for the State of Alabama.  I forgot to mention that Ms Elizabeth is the State Coordinator for the state of Alabama for the Quilts of Valor.  She does a wonderful job. While Elizabeth and Kristie were at this formal dinner one of the quilts was stolen!!!!!  She asked me if I would take what fabric she had and replicate the quilt that had been stolen.  I said sure just give me a pattern and I would get started.
She did not have a pattern, all she had was a picture of the quilt.  What a challenge. After taking several deep breaths to calm my nerves I set out to see if I could accomplish this task.
About 15 hours later this is what I came up with.

The middle is a panel with an eagle in the center.  I am about to put it on the machine to quilt it.

I came home with 6 quilts that was donated by Rose from Alabama. I have been busy sorting and measureing backings and making binding for these quilts now for a week.

These are the tops that was donated by Ms Rose.

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