Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well Christmas is over and the New year began almost 2 hours ago.   I wont make any New Years Resolutions because I can never keep them for more than a week. 
Mike bought me a bicycle this week so I do plan to get a little more exercise this year than I did last year.  We will see how that goes. 

I finished my two shepherds bush stockings and gave them to my dear great grand children for Christmas.

I will try to do one for Troy and Johnny this year.  They are my new significant other grand sons.
I said I was going to hold off until they were both married but it is amazing to me how the word "marriage" is such a dirty word to our young people these days. 
I hope that year brings each and everyone of you a bunch of smiles and enough of anything you want to make you happy!!!!  I plan on doing a lot of playing in my sewing room, spending a lot of time with my grand kids, camping a lot, and staying as healthy as possible.  I also want to get a few repairs and upgrades done to my house interior this year.  The grandkids have swung on my towel bar in the hall bathroom and made a small hole in the wall.  I want it fixed but to fix it right I will have to have the hole repaired, take down the old wallpaper, hang new and paint it all again.   So that one little hole will take at least two days to fix and then a few weeks later, a half day to repaint. 

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