Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here are a few ideas for my finished product:

My daughter in law took rolls of brown paper, tore it in pieces, dipped it in polyurethane and put it on her walls in her den.  I thought she had lost her mind but it turned out to look like leather wallpaper. It turned out very pretty.  I went to a quilt retreat in Odenville in 2012 and 4 ladies from Maryland, we called them the Merry Maids of Maryland, came to retreat in a Mini van covered with quilt scraps glued to the sides with starch. It was so cool looking.  I THINK I AM GOING TO COVER THE INTERIOR WALLS IN THIS CAMPER IN SCRAPS OF FABRIC AND SECURE IT WITH THE POLYURETHANE.

I have found some old singer sewing machine cabinet drawers on ebay.  These drawers are a perfect size for the storage bags you buy at stitchers to store all your cross stitching threads in.  I want to make me some kind of frame for them to go in and use them for thread storage. 

My table in the camper will be constructed to fit right over my sew eazi table that houses my singer featherweight machine. 

 I think I am going to have me a quilt block painted on the back under the window like the quilt blocks you see painted on barns across the countryside.

I want to use my little camper to go to Paducah and other places around the country that have big quilt shows. 

Raise your hand if you want me to pick you up along the way!!!!!

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Char said...

Me! Me! I wanna go!