Saturday, August 17, 2013

I was asked if I was doing this because I was bored?  Bored I am not!  I have always loved the outdoors.  My vocation for 25 years was driving trucks.  I worked for UPS and then worked for Fed EX, and then drove over the road for a while.  When I retired I missed the going.  When I worked for UPS I delivered in Amory, MS and every morning when I went into town and every evening when I left town to come home, I watched the progress being made on the bridge being built across the Tenn Tom waterway.  They built the bridge just north of the old bridge and the new bridge was up in the air above the old one.  It was like you were down on the ground watching the new bridge just appearing before you day after day.  I was fascinated by that and enjoyed the whole process however I was a little afraid the first time I had to drive over the new bridge!!! After retiring and staying at home for the past few years, I get to thinking about all the things I have seen and when I drive to town and see new things being done since the last time I was in town, I feel so left out and I feel like I did not have my wig on and the world just run off and left me behind.   I get to feeling a little caged and I want to roam again.  So to answer the question, I am not bored.  This little camper thing is just a diversion to take my mind away from the hum drum of laundry, dishes, mopping, ironing, ...... you get the picture?

Who knows, I might have just found me some retirement income.  I have found that there is a huge demand for these refurbished beauties.  If I can pull this restoration project off, I might just make a little profit from it.  It will probably be like my quilts though.  When I make a quilt for someone, I don't want to give it to them. I get attached to them and want to keep them for myself. 


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