Monday, August 19, 2013

It is Monday again, and I usually try to work on my camper on Mondays.  Today I took the wooden wall frame down.  John and Jeff helped me take the floor up. The bottom of the floor was covered in some kind of porous board.  I assume it was on there to soak up the moisture.  It is almost like wet paper.  When you touch it, it just crumbles in your hand.  I want to take it off the bottom and see how the floor was constructed before I trash it.  These are the boards after we got them off the frame.
We took the floor off in three pieces.  Two of them are stacked on the ground
 to the left and the other one is leaning on the tongue of the trailer.   The top is laid out on the ground behind the frame. We took it off in one long sheet.  Now I have to separate the pieces so I can store it till I can get the frame ready rebuild it.This is the top.  I tried to pull some trim off the top and the
walls were like paper, the whole thing just fell apart. 
This is another angle of the walls falling in. 
I have all the remains loaded on the trailer.  I have to unload the good parts in the boat shed.
I have to unload the unusable parts on the burn pile.
I need to make a place in the garage to hand my window frames so they don't get bent up.
I still need to get the flooring up and get it on the burn pile.
I need to rake the ground around the frame and get that all cleaned up.
I need to take the top apart and stack the pieces in the boat shed till I get ready to take the paint off all the tin and the window frames.
Then I am going to go buy another camper like this one that has been hit in the rear. I will take it all apart and save the parts of it that can be used to take the two campers and make one. 
My goal is to have it ready to travel to the Houston, TX quilt show which I believe is always in November.  So that gives me 14 months to get all this done.


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