Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here it is 2016 and I have been without for a while.  I have not kept up with this blog for almost two whole years. My last post was Feb 2014.   They say time flies but once you get my age it seems like it is causing a sonic boom..  I have sort of grown tired of quilting.  I have some minor burnout in that area.  Although I am away from my sewing machine and I am missing it.  All I have with me is cross stitching but I am enjoying it.  I have finished a few pieces.  I will try to post pictures of my finished projects on here.

I started a project with all my cross stitch buddies at the Status Thimble cross stitch store in 2005.   We stitched every Monday night together after business hours.  Boy those were some good times.  The friendships we created are still an ongoing thing.  Our group gets together at least twice a year for a weekend long stitching marathon.  When we all get in one room and turn on all our lights we are like the Great Wall of China and can be seen in outer space.  The project we started was designed by Carriage House Sampler and it was designed for Status Thimble exclusively.  We did one design a month until we go all 26 alphabet. She also designed us a border for the letters all put together.   I stitched mine just like the patterns called for. We all stitched them but with the different people all stitched them in different colors.  I would love to get them all together and lay them out and see just how different they all look.  When I stitched this I kept up every month until I got thru the Threads.  I even stitched the design and the signature boxes.  Last week when I finished this, I had to change the 2006 to 2016.  It was very easy to do.  just change the zero to one.
After a few years went by, I would pull this out and look at it.  I would wonder how I was going to fix the date and then put it away again.

I will try to keep up more with this site

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