Friday, January 29, 2016

I finished the third of my four UFO's this afternoon.  The fourth one got started this afternoon but it will probably take two days to finish.  The beading is very slow. There is a wreath button by Shepherds Bush that goes down at the bottom of this piece in the middle.  It is at home in my button box.  I will be back for an update on my fourth UFO and an update on the next UFO's that are in line to be finished.  It is really nice to get all these pieces finished.  I am very good at starting these projects and taking on more projects than I have time to finish.  It sometimes overwhelms me and I just put these things away and start something new.  2015 was when I started concentrating on all these unfinished projects.  I am going to continue it on into 2016.  Wish me luck!!!

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